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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Blogoversary To Us!

One year ago today, I wrote my first post.

As an anniversary post, I thought I'd list some of my favorite entries of the year.  I had fun looking through them all and chose ten.  For my three avid readers, this might not be much fun. If you're new to my sock-filled world, this will give you a glimpse of life in our four walls.   

By far, my favorite was taking the time to document my family's legacy of service to our country.

My first, and I think only, Works for Me Wednesday post.

Chase's favorite super hero: Hot Girl.

When Brian joined the blog and began making this blog thing a family affair.

I found a place to showcase my beautiful babies on Father's Day.

Some important firsts in A Big Week for the Arnolds.

Getting to tell Grandaddy tales.

Writing down memories so my kids will have a glimpse of their other Grandad.

Who knows what great adventures this next year will bring?  Some might be worthy of a read. Some won't matter until my own kids are 30-something and want to remember life as little ones.  

Right now, this blog probably matters more to me than anyone else, but I'm glad you're along for the ride!



  1. Happy Blogoversary!! I have truly enjoyed the stories about your kids and grandaddy. I have been encouraged, enlightened and challenged by your insights and wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

  2. MY favorites are Grandaddy one. I love me some Grandaddy. Thanks for letting us peak into your socky lives!

  3. Congrats!I love your stuff. What a great way to preserve the memories.
    I just started, please visit me at
    See you Thursday!

  4. Happy Blogaversary..... and I really enjoy your Granddaddy stories too.