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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter to Spring in 4 Short Weeks

About four weeks ago we got 13 inches of snow and this is what our deck looked like.

Then Spring popped up on us in a flash and with the temps hitting a whopping 73 degrees yesterday, the kids begged to go to the pool!  I wasn't ready to tackle the storage closet to dig out the swimsuits, so Sammie was stuck wearing what we found in the beach towel bag.  Chase and Ava donned his "new" trunks recently acquired from a consignment shop a couple of weeks ago.

Here's Ava stirring the hot lava soup that Chase created.  That boy has some imagination!

Looks like a bat...

Looks like a toy bucket....

Actually, it's a sword and a secret hideout for the Pirate King!

I took one photo I decided not to publish.  After a while Ava got tired of her swimsuit and was caught raking leaves al fresco!

Such a sweet glimpse into the fun summer ahead.  Come take a dip with us!


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  1. This looks SO fun! I miss you guys! I wanna come play! :)