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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Day School Came

I ordered all Samantha's 1st grade curriculum at once, so the day it came in the mail was a very big deal.  It was a VERY big box o' books.  The kids had a ball taking them out one by one and looking them over.

Sonlight ships their books in a box you can turn into a pirate ship or a castle. This was Chase's favorite part of Sammie's school box.  Sam did the decorating.  Chase did the sword fighting.

Time and time again, Chase asked things like, "Which ones are my school?"  "Is this one my school, Mom?"

Since I have a pretty laid back philosophy on preschool, I hadn't really planned anything formal for him.  After he kept asking, I realized I'd better.  So, off to Wal-mart I went.  

In a few days a box appeared on our doorstep for Chase that had sticker books, new markers and crayons and the coveted Spiderman folder and pencil pouch.  He was so excited. How can I hang on to that excitement until he graduates?


Monday, October 12, 2009

Step Right Up! Face Paint Here!

I'm not sure who has more fun with this. The kids love having painted faces, and I love painting them! (Disclaimer: Samantha made Chase into the Hulk, I did the butterflies.) Hard to believe this kind of thing costs ten bucks at the County Fair. I think I'll get a booth of my own next year!