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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Original American Girls

To celebrate our sweet niece's birthday and the special friendship that Samantha and Lilly share, my sister-in-law Kate and I set out on an adventure to the American Girl Doll Store in Chicago.

One of the many reasons for this adventure was to show Sam Chicago. To show her you can serve yogurt and granola in something other than paper bowls! Dream big, baby! And, yes, by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, I rode the giant ferris wheel. We all were challenged in our own ways!

See the photo of Sam next to a poster of Lanie? She really wanted that doll! Now, look at the photo below of Sam with her own "Just Like You" doll (in the hand-made dress from Shipshewana -- thanks Grandma!) I told her we were not going to spend $100 on a doll that looked just like the one she already has.

After we made all the necessary purchases, we had lunch at the AG Cafe. Since Samantha's doll had an appointment at the salon to have her hair done, she was able to borrow Felicity to join us for lunch. We thought the desserts were precious -- butterfly cookies and dirt cups with daisies.

You'll notice that Sammie wanted her hair done like her doll's. Thank God for Aunt Kate -- because dear Mommy couldn't figure it out! The girls were so excited about the fancy bathroom that their heads were literally spinning!