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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ava's Body Art

Grandaddy and Ava were so proud to show me a new pastime they'd discovered together a few weeks ago.  They had taken turns drawing on eachother's hands in ink.  Grandaddy's drawings were some what recognizeable -- can't read his handwriting, but I made out a man in the moon sketch.  

It's hard to scold a 95-year old, but I did try to tell him that probably wasn't a good idea.  He was apologetic and said he'd never done it if he'd known I had a problem with it.  I tried to tell him she was still trying to learn the rules of using pens, pencils, markers, etc.  I found it hard to articulate without sounding like a mean ol' meanie.

I was able to show him the next day why it wasn't a good idea.



  1. oh, that's funny! did he get it after he saw her?

  2. The beauty of being young and young-at-heart!!!