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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That's Loud!

Ava is frightened of loud noises.  The blender, the juicer, the vacuum cleaner.  They all send her crying to her momma with hands covering her ears.

She jumped from her bed last week during the thunderstorm and ran to our room for safety. We have a little couch in our room for just such occasions and this is how quickly she went back to sleep:



  1. That's cute! Marie hates the public toilets that flush by themselves. She'll run off covering her ears, sometimes with her pants still down! And that's if she even will use it in the first place! (I have to agree, some of them are loud, especially Lowe's.)

  2. Jacob is exactly the same way! I am always reminding him that he can't sleep with pillows over his head. I am afraid he'll suffocate. He sleeps with his fingers in his ears too. We have some earplugs that help a little.

    What's funny is that he hates loud noises like fireworks, storms, the vacuum, BUT loves to crank the music in the car! Go figure!


  3. Kristin, I love your pictures! Gives me insight into your family...looking forward to working with you. Dawn