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Friday, March 6, 2009

I Do Not Believe A Man Should Marry More Than One Woman, HOWEVER...

I'm a stay-at-home Mom.  Which doesn't mean I stay at home all the time, but it does mean that I have more conversations with pre-schoolers than adults.  Which, in turn, means that I have to be diligent about keeping up with current events, so my world doesn't turn upside down just when PBS has a change in children's programming.

So, you probably saw about three months ago when the Sheriff's department raided a gated ranch in Texas where about 400 children were taken into custody by men with machine guns in full body armor.  I even saw the armored car shot....looked like a tank to me. There had been reports of child abuse.  In this case, not beatings, but teenage-girls being married to much older men.  

As I watched this report, I saw happy children playing on a mound of dirt, schooled in classrooms, doing chores in the afternoon.  I saw contented wives (old and young) who genuinely respected their husbands and soft-spoken husbands who genuinely cared for their families and wanted to protect them. Parents were in tears wanting their children back and once they were back the younger children were terrified when a grown up left the room because they thought they might be taken again.

I get it. I do.  15-year old children should not get married.  Period.  I get it.  I do.  Until a few years ago, the age limit for marriage in Texas was 14.  That's crazy enough in itself!

The whole thing made me start thinkin' about plural marriage. What bothers me is that our culture is aghast at one man having several wives.  Does anyone else think that's ironic?

Our country turns a blind eye to killing millions of babies.  Our country wants to make it okay for men to marry men and women to marry women. Our country has no problem with one man having many babies with several women, whether they are married or not.  They want to make them financially responsible for every child, not emotionally, spiritually or morally, just financially.  In our country you can choose a spouse and divorce them as fast as the courts can process the paperwork.  There is no limit to how many times you can be married in this country.  None.

There are all kinds of things backward about plural marriage. And, I know there are some creepos who just want a young wife. Please hear this: I DO NOT BELIEVE A MAN SHOULD BE MARRIED TO MORE THAN ONE WOMAN. However, it bugs me that these people are singled out only when they want to make a commitment for a lifetime to take care of them -- all of them.  The husbands provide a safe and secure home for their wives.  You don't read about them going bankrupt or being homeless. They raise their children to work hard, respect their faith, be kind to one another, serve one another.   You don't read about them being neglected or dropping out of school.

If they didn't bother to actually get married, they would be left alone, because it's okay in our country to have many children with many women.

Of all the things to get bent out of shape about, THAT's at the top of the list?

People are weird.


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