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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'd Rather a Roll in the Hay!

Funny comments from my last post.  My mind wasn't even going in that direction, you naughty girls.  Though I must tell you that it's felt a little like having a newborn lately.

The last few weeks we've had some weird thing I like to call Pop Up Fever.  You never know when, where or from whom this fever is going to pop up.  Each of the three kids has had it.  A day at a time.  Three days in a row, then nothing, then for another day.

The other night I noticed that 3 was the only hour I didn't see on the clock throughout the night.  

"I'm hot." 
"I need medicine."
"My legs hurt, will you rub them?"
"Can I sleep with you?"
"I need to go paaaahhhhhty!"
"Can I sleep on the couch?"
"I want a drink."
"I fell out of the bed, will you walk me back?"
"I just wanted to tell you I went potty."

And, every time I crawl into bed next to my lovely lump of a husband, I think to myself, "And, HE wants more children."

In all fairness, he gets up with the kids, too, but that's hardly the point when it's MY turn.  

So, your comments give me a good thought:  If I could be promised a solid five or six hours of sleep in a row, then I'd rather go for a roll in the hay!  



  1. LOL! I'm thankful we are past the getting up during the night phase. Well, except for my darn bladder. :-)

  2. Kristin, we have never met (that I know of) but I go to SOCC and stumbled upon your blog --I can't even remember how. This post makes me smile because it is SO where I am right now. I was just thinking (as we've had a week of sick kiddos) that if I could be guaranteed no illness and lots of rest if we had a third, then I'm all over it. However, I sadly think that is impossible. So good luck with that roll in the hay! :)