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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Week for the Arnold's

First of all, Sam read her first story today.  All by herself.  I am so proud of her.  I'm also proud of people who can write a story only using the short "a" vowel sound.  Amazing.

Second, one of the beginning steps for potty training in our house is to get that baby out of the crib.  I don't want to have to get her out of the crib if she needs to go, for heaven's sake. So, I thought I'd test the waters to see if Ava was ready for that step by taking off one side of the crib. Clearly, she hated it.

Seriously, the transition was so easy.  I did pull a "Super Nanny" trick at the first nap time. (When I'm feeling like a bad mom, I do occasionally watch that show to boost my spirits.) Read up on the "stay in bed technique." It worked.  She's been talking ever since about sleeping in "the big girl my bed."  Though she did fall out about 6:15 this morning, she went right back to sleep when I tucked into the corner of it!

Last, but not least, Brian and I celebrate our 9th anniversary today. 

I won't go into the sordid details of a wicked flu bug that attacked our entire house yesterday. But it's important to know that even though Brian felt terrible, too, he snuck out under the guise of getting us all some ginger ale.  I woke this morning to a dozen beautiful, red roses in a special vase that he'd chosen.  The card reminded me, among other things, that people use pottery to celebrate the 9th anniversary. 

Bri, you'll be happy to know that I focused on your favorite things: I didn't ask for an expensive meal out and I didn't spend one penny on a gift for you.  

We've come a long way, eh baby?



  1. Happy Anniversary, sweet friend. I love watching the way you love your family.

    And way to go, Sam and Ava! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! It's been a while since I've stopped by.

    I love to watch the Nanny shows too, they make me feel better as a parent. :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary- that is a great pic of you and your hubby.

  4. BTW, I love that moment when my kids first start to read. Our 5 year old is just starting to and his eyes just dance when he gets a word! I especially love that they still like me to read to them.