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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hot Girl

Chase loves the classic super heroes:  Superman, Batman and especially Spiderman. We've been renting the "new" cartoon versions from the library and Blockbuster.  I sat down a month or so ago to watch with him and three things made me ban Spiderman for a while.

First, I heard someone ask the leading lady (who, second, was dressed in a half shirt and stick skinny), "What the hell was going on." Then, third, I watched as one of the characters was shot repeatedly with a gun and nothing happened, I decided his little three-year old eyes and ears are just too young to watch this cartoon. 

I felt, on the one hand, like an old fogey and on the other, I just KNOW that's not what I want him to see as normal.  Where's the Spidey from "Electric Company" that I know and love?

The funny part of the story is this....Brian rented a DVD from the library called "Justice League", which is a new version of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Superman, etc.  They often watch TV in Grandaddy's room.  It's right off the living room and I can hear what's going on from the kitchen.

As I listened the other day, I heard Grandaddy ask, "Chase, who is that?"  I heard Chase answer, "Hot Girl."  

Grandaddy is trying to get it: "Hot Girl?"

Chase:  "Yeah, Hot Girl."

Grandaddy:  "Sammie, did he say HOT Girl?"

Sammie stares at the TV and answers, "Yes, Hot Girl."

Of course, my ears perked up at the first mention of Hot Girl.  I assumed it was some character that had fire power or something, then I remembered the half-ne-ked girl from Spiderman and thought I should check it out.

While I wouldn't call her super hero corset "modest", I was a little relieved when I went in and saw a lovely woman with large, brown wings and a mask with a beak.

HAWKgirl to the rescue.



  1. That is absolutely hilarious!!!

    And I am in agreement with you on some of the cartoons and TV shows - it's so important that we pay attention to what they're watching.

  2. That is such a cute story! I am so with you when it comes to keeping an eye on some of the stuff that is in cartoons and other tv programs!

  3. hee hee! That is too funny. You just gotta love the things that come out of their precious little mouths! :)

  4. I read this at work and it made me smile. I love my kids. So funny. So imaginative. So cool. The things kids say...