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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He Never Asked for Us Once

Brian and I had an opportunity to go on a company-sponsored event together last week to Disney World.  The only hitch was that we couldn't take our kids.  It was a bit tricky finding a second home for all three of them for almost a week.  The girls ended up going to my hometown to be spoiled by their "Gi Gi" and her sister, my sweet Aunt Betty.  Chase was adopted by by good friend and neighbor, Cindy.  Well, Cindy AND her whole family.

The email updates from her were hilarious.  Here are some excerpts:

Chase had a great day. He was so, so good. We just stayed home all day. There was lots of sword fighting, lots of stacking things, lots of tv. (sorry.) :) He never disobeyed, he never destroyed anything, he ate well, and seemed very happy! :) Here are some of my favorite quotes from the day:

Chase- What is that for?
me- It's for a recipe I'm making.
C-I know recipes. I eat all recipes. I help my mom with recipes. I'll help you with recipes.

(Tattling on Cheddar the dog): "Ava is by me again!" :)

me-Tomorrow you get to play with Ben!
C-I think Ben went to Kroger with all his family.

me- What did you like doing at my house today?
C-I don't know. I only know what food I want.

me- Did you have fun playing at church tonight?
me-Who did you play with?
C-I don't know.
me-What friends did you play with tonight?
C-I don't know what kind of people they have at that church.

me-Who do you like sword fighting with?
C-Swords. I can do it up. Or down. Or up up side.

me-You're going to sleep at my house tonight, and you're going to stay in bed until we tell you it is time to get up in the morning, ok?
C-Squirrels can eat at morning time. Squirrels AND monkeys.

And a few days later, we called to check on him and I told her I couldn't understand a THING Chase said on the phone. She filled me in...

Shelby said Chase spent the whole time telling you how he's not getting in trouble. :) He really has been so, so good. You should be proud. A couple little times he said, "NO!" to Scott and had to sit down for a minute, but it lasted about two seconds and both times he didn't want to go to bed even though he was exhausted! :) So I think he is happy. He slept through the night last night. (The two nights before that he woke up and screamed once or cried, but only for a minute and fell right back asleep. Weird.)

He went to the bathroom my niece asked if he washed his hands. He said, "No. I didn't wash my hands. And I didn't wipe, either!" ;)

He thought our pizza was a "lil SPICY!"

Brynne woke up to find him in her bed the night he stayed in Cassie and Shelby's room. She asked him why he was in her bed and he said, "Oh? Your bed? I thought it was my bed."

me: "What do you like to eat for breakfast?"
C: Ummm... macaroni and cheese
me: "What do you like to eat for lunch?"
C: Ummm...macaroni and cheese

Thanks, Cindy, for taking care of him and for giving me memories of my boy even when I wasn't there to experience them in person. She captured it so well.  She captured how adorable he is and why, possibly, I'm incapable of having sensible conversations.



  1. He is so sweet. Cindy knows just what a mom missing her little one needs to hear- all those random little tidbits we get to experience on a daily basis.

  2. I cleaned out my purse last night and found a couple more things he said that I'd written down. I'll get them to you. :)