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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Quit Making Breakfast

I still make everyone a drink in a sippy cup in the mornings, but I've quit making breakfast.
Grandaddy had been graciously sharing his fried egg every morning with Ava, if you'll remember.

She started eating more of it each day, so he started making a plate for her.  He will NEVER do anything for one that he doesn't at least offer to do for the other two.  So, now he gets up every day and asks each of his great grandchildren if they want an egg, if they want toast, if they want gravy and if they want grits.  Usually, each of them says yes to it all!

So, I have quite a mess to clean up afterwards, but I'm no longer in charge of breakfast. Woohoo!

Go ahead, ask your grandad to live with you.  Maybe he'll take over one of your daily chores.



    I'm totally sending the kiddos over tomorrow morning for breakfast.

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! Too bad I don't have anymore grandads.

    However, I do have the wonderful memories of spending more than a few breakfasts with my grandfather. I can still hear him say his prayer and chop his cantaloupe not so delicately on his plate! :-)

    This will be such a special memory for your kids. Take some photos for them too.

  3. That's wonderful - building memories for your little ones that they'll keep forever of their gr-grandfather.

    I'm sure cleaning up the mess is not fun - another of the things Moms do not look forward to.