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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No mas. No mas, baby. No mas.

Two things you should know about us:  1) Ava is our picky eater and 2) we are an egg family. However, the two mix in a strange way.  For instance, if I make a fried egg for Ava, she turns her head to the side really fast and says, "Nnnnnnnoh."  But if you look for her 'long about 8:30 in the morning, you'll find her standing in the chair next to Grandaddy begging (not hard) for his breakfast. It must be the sausage gravy that she really likes.I'm not sure which is funnier to me.  The fact that when it's all gone he says to her, "no mas" about a dozen times.  No mas means "no more" in Spanish. (Remember, I told you he liked the Westerns with Mexicans, so he's picked up useful phrases like that over the years.)
Or, if it's when he notices the crumbs on her mouth and says "Wipe yo' mouth, honey."  Then she pulls a kleenex out of his shirt pocket and wipes his mouth because he's got half an egg hanging from it that he didn't even notice.