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Thursday, June 12, 2008

VBX -- Not Just for Kids!

So, I sorta dropped off the face of the earth last week, because we were crazy busy.  It was crazy and it was busy, but I've never had more fun in all my life.  Not even at Disney World. Our church had its annual vacation Bible school.  Ours is called VBX (the "x" stands for experience.)  Click here, choose a day and you can see short video clips of what it was like.  The videos do more justice than I could with still photos and stories.  

All good stories start with good friends.  My sweet neighbor and good friend, Cindy, asked me last year if I wanted to be  "VBX Girl" and help lead the music with the kids.  I had NO idea what I was getting into when I said yes!  I was picturing "This Little Light of Mine" in front of some preschoolers.  No, no, nooooooo.  We had lights, a stage, a LIVE band and the best part......COSTUMES!  

The kids met from 9 - Noon every day, plus a closing program and carnival on Friday night. (Someday, I'll figure out how to upload video clips and you can see the kids singing.) This year's theme was "International Treasure:  The Book of Truth".  So, our costumes were a little Indiana Jones-ish complete with a lasso/whip accessory!

The fellow in the middle is Cindy's husband (also a neighbor), Scott.  Each day he was the lead actor in a drama.  The set was like an old professor's library and he would search for and find clues that would lead him to the mysterious "Book of Truth".  At the end of the week, they discovered that The Book of Truth is the Bible and each kid (600 kids!) each got a Bible of their own!  The skits were so clever, so creative and best of all they had a point!  Each clue gave important truths about the Bible in a way that the kids (and grown ups) could relate to.  Scott wrote the skits himself and showed once again his giftedness and his love for kids in everything he did.  Click here to find out what he's like outside of church.
The music was hip and fun and the kids loved it!  We spent weeks coming up with choreography for all ten songs and they were age-appropriate and energetic.  In short, it helped the kids see that church can be fun and that worshiping God can be a blast!

Grandaddy came with us one morning.  He couldn't understand a lot of the talking (he was down one hearing aid.)  But he sat in the front row and watched every time we got on stage.  
We didn't grow up in the same town with him, so he never saw any church or school shows when I was little.  It was fun to be able to say "My Grandaddy's with me today."  He told Brian later that I stole the show.  Everybody needs SOMEONE in their life who thinks they're the best, even if they're not.
I wish I had more photos to share.  The church website has more.  It was such a fun, fun week.  
Why do you suppose God gave me such a passion and excitement about something that only lasts one week a year?



  1. I agree, what a great week it was! Too bad we have to wait a whole year until it comes around again.

  2. Lilly thinks you look like a MOVIE STAR! Of course you stole the show...look at those eyes, the attitude, you OWN the stage!!! So glad you had such a great week!