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Friday, June 13, 2008

Turning Corners Without Getting Run Over By The Cart

Wednesday we had to take Grandaddy to pick up his hearing aid.  It'd been "in the shop".  So, we loaded the whole crew up for a trip into town.  It takes about 20 - 25 minutes to get to our mall, which is where Sears is, which is where Miracle Ear is, so we usually bundle several errands into a trip like that.

I'm making this a short story, so you don't think this is just a laundry list of our errands.  The kids and I looked around Sears while he had his appointment.  Then we all went to Kmart, Chili's for lunch (a REAL treat) and lastly, to Kroger.  All the kids went in every time (it's their privilege when they are well-behaved.)

I'm writing all this to say that it really was a pleasure.  Fun even.  A milestone, I think.  Ava rode well buckled in the carts and the "big" kids did a great job of staying with me, not touching everything in sight and not asking me for every sweet treat or Spiderman-laden commodity. 

The answer has always been  "no" to "Can I have this?"  And, I have said so many times that they couldn't have it now, but they could ask for it for their birthday that now they just skip to asking for it for their birthday!  Even Cinderella toothpaste makes the list.

At lunch, everyone sat in their seats, actually ate what we ordered and used good manners with the poor waitress who got stuck with US on her second day.  

At the end of the day, I thought, "Maybe it's time to start thinking about another baby."

No, I'm not pregnant. 


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  1. I relate all too well. We have recently had some nice errand days, with birthday requests as well. I think of another, then I remember...oh yeah, we're done, and enjoy where we are so much more.
    thanks for you post.