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Sunday, June 15, 2008

He's "That" Dad

Brian's the kind of Dad that the kids come running to hug when he walks in from work every day, because he always greets them with a cheerful hello and big hugs.

Brian's the kind of Dad who invents games to play with the kids.  The circle game and the flip game are two of their favorites.  It doesn't take a score card, because everyone wins.  The game board is built in, because it's Daddy himself!  The kids love those games because he's entirely focused on them for those moments in time.

Brian's the kind of Dad who doesn't claim to know it all.  He passes on what he's learned...explaining the "why" behind any command or principle, so they'll be able to make good choices in similar situations in the future. And, he admits when he's made a mistake and will quickly apologize to the kids if he's been harsh or has lost his temper.  He doesn't just say he's sorry, he asks them for forgiveness.

Brian's the kind of Dad who takes each kid for a ride on the tractor come mowing day and even let's them help him paint (KNOWING it will end in a big mess), just because they want to "help Daddy."  (I'll remind them of this in ten years when they neither want to mow NOR paint.)

Brian's the kind of Dad who continues to learn and grow as a man, because he knows his children are watching and learning and he truly desires to be the best influence on them he possibly can.  

As his wife, I know he's not perfect.  But his kids are pretty sure he stays up later than them, just so he can tell the stars when to quit twinkling and the sun when it's time to start a new day.

Brian's doing his part to point Samantha, Chase and Ava to the Father who really does "give orders to the morning and shows dawn its place ( Job 38:12)." Brian knows there is no better father figure than Abba Himself.

I love that he's that kind of Dad.



  1. I will say that you are correct. You have a husband who is a wonderful dad and might I add a great brother as well. I do not worry about the kids at all with you guys! Love all of you!

  2. My brother is a fantastic father, brother, husband and son. I am so glad I have been such a great role model for him! *wink* Seriously, I think of Brian's lessons and I think of him at the lake lecturing Mandy and I on why you don't dive head first into the water. One of my fondest Brian and I as kids memories! So, I am not shocked at all!!!!