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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Does Camping Have to be Outside?

So, the kids and I met my buddy, Tracy, and her kiddos for a long-awaited camping trip last week at Land Between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. (The Daddy's stayed at home to work, work, work!)  

Things we loved:
1.  Friends who are as dear to us as family.
2.  Lots of fun at beautiful Kentucky Lake.

3. Naps on the beach

Things we didn't love:
  1. Very long black snake on our sweet nature hike.
  2. Chase falling into the smoldering fire ring. (Don't tell Brian, he doesn't know, and once he does, he'll never let us go camping again.)
  3. Wicked stomach virus in a tent with seven people.
Thankfully, I don't have any photos of the things we didn't love.  



  1. That looks like such fun! Glad that absolutely not one single little thing went wrong the whole time. :)

  2. Now, those are some great friends! :) And, what, no mention of the pouring rain and wet clothes and bedding OR the best "lemonade" ever?!?!

    Can't wait 'til next year!!!