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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Personal Pet Peeves

I'm so excited to do my first Works-For-Me Wednesday and it turns out to be a DOESN'T Work-For-Me Wednesday. I'm not sure I'm doing this right, because I don't have "things" really, more like situations that don't work for me. Well, I have plenty that I don't like, but I'll try to keep my list short and relevant to today:

These things do not work for me:

People who assume my Grandad is senile because he can't hear.

Husbands that travel a lot.
Throwing away leftovers.
The words "I told you so."
Movies with swearing and nudity just to get an R rating.
Texting during church.
People who don't know how to appreciate a $400 hotel room.

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  1. I can DEFINITELY appreciate a $400 hotel room. IF I ever saw one. If you pay for one for me, I promise I'll appreciate it!

  2. Your first wfmw post...great job! The leftover issue? I can't stand to eat them and one things for sure...they'll make good science projects when my kids are older.

    Glad to have found you. I love the look of your spot.

  3. Short and sweet and full of good thoughts! I liked it; thanks for posting.

  4. In another life, I used to work at a hotel in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York that had $400 a night rooms. My husband and I spent our first few anniversaries in luxury. In this life, any hotel room would be a luxury!

  5. I hopped over from Cindy's place. Welcome to blogdom. Your title is just great.

    I especially love that you taking such great care of your grandad. His photo in the cowboy hat is just too sweet for words. I have lost all my grandads and some days I just miss hearing their voice.

    God bless.

  6. what a cute blog. can i send you all my extra socks?

  7. stopping by from Cindy's blog to say hi and thank you for taking her cookies. For those of us who live too far away, it must be a blast to have her so close.

    nice to meet you!

  8. Came to visit from Cindy's. If you have lots of odd socks like I do, I like you already!

  9. I'm embarassed to say that I'm guilty of the texting during church thing every now and then. :/

    Glad I found you on here, my friend.

  10. Hi!
    Coming by from Cindy's! What a sweet friend and neighbor you are to take her those much needed cookies!!! :) Makes me wanna be a better neighbor. That and to go eat some cookies. :)

    I would like to learn how to appreciate a $400 hotel room! I bet there is a lot to appreciate!

    Oh, and I love the misquote, "The Wrong Stranger"! I just love the funny things our kids say! :)

    Blessings! Nice to meet you!