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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Her Last Name is Rembrandt. Really.

Chase says, "Only artists are for girls." 
"No", I say.  "Anyone who creates
 something is an artist."  (Right?)

Our budding protege, Samantha, displayed several pieces at her very first art show this past Monday night. I was envious of those who had family to invite to the special event, so I'm posting it for all my long-distance friends and family.

We have several homeschooling friends who invited us to join their art co-op this past school year.

Had I been in charge, this might have been the extent of art class (plus a few popscicle stick Christmas ornaments):

Instead, we had a retired high school art teacher giving up his time once every two weeks to open their worlds to sketching (it's a turtle shell):

to chalks and salt ceramics and soap carvings (it's a duck); 
and mobiles and sta-biles and even a totem pole.  

Samantha was the youngest starting at four years old. (She's a big five year old now.) The oldest, I believe, was 8.  Another reminder of the great potential kids have to learn new, and sometimes complex, ideas at an early age. 

We're so proud of her and so thankful to our friends for including us.  


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  1. Love that turtle shell! I love the picture with Brian.

    BTW, we invited people who SEEM like family to us here. Angie, Marilyn, Hootens, etc. And of course YOU would have totally been invited had you not already been a part of it.