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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You Never Know What You're Gonna Get

I promised a girlfriend of mine that I wouldn't be the blogger who wrote that I went to Walmart yesterday and made breakfast today.  (Well, actually I WILL be posting about one-eyed Pete's soon.)  So, I'm going to get out my little crafty post real quick! I should only have about two of these a year that don't include glitter and construction paper.

We have two doors leading to our deck.  Neither really NEED a window treatment...the view of the woods and kids playing is beauty enough.  However, one window is sort of angled right by our master bedroom.  It creeps me out when Brian is out of town.  No shades or blinds or anything.  I've looked everywhere (DON'T leave me ideas, I've LOOKED there) for just the right thing and couldn't find anything.  

Then, my sweet sister, Honor, (Yes, that's her name and I'll blog about her, too), said she bought a couple too many tab-top panels when she redid their den.  I thought the colors would be perfect, so I thought I'd try something.  (Free fabric I don't panic about messing up.)

I'm not very crafty and I'd never call myself a seamstress. Straight lines elude me many times.  I love the IDEA of craftiness, just don't really have the gift -- like those people who can take twine, rocks and straw and make a gorgeous centerpiece.  

So, here's what I did:  I measured the width I'd need and cut off one side.  I took that strip, cut it in two and put a hem all the way up every cut side to get rid of the rough edges.  The two strips became my ties.  I wrapped it around a hunk of florist styrofoam and velcroed the whole thing above the window.

Now, I can let it down when I need to and raise it to any height I want. Check it out!

Cute, huh?  Not bad for free!  I AM proud of my project, but more importantly, I wanted to say:  If I can do it, you can, too! What project are you workin' on?



  1. Very cute! Glad those curtains didn't go to waste.

  2. You ARE superwoman. Seriously, though, I don't think just because you did it means I could. Really. I would screw it up so badly. You're brilliant.

  3. Excellent craftiness! You are more crafty than I am. And it looks great!

  4. OK, so that's amazing! But I'm not sure I'm going to like this blog thing. You didn't tell me anything about this project--I guess I was supposed to read about it. You know me, you can tell me, and I probably won't remember when I read about it! Oh, wait. Does that mean that maybe you DID tell me and I just forgot? I wish I was trying to be funny!