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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tent City

Have you heard anything about the tent cities popping up across the country?  I saw a report about one in Sacramento.  Apparently, people are losing their homes and just pitching tents in empty fields.  There is no water supply, no power source.

Some of the people have been there for months. The journalist interviewed one couple and the wife said they'd been there for over a year.  Did she have family?  Yes, one son.  Does he know you're here?  No.  Why not?  I didn't want him to worry.


Even more surprising to me, is that was a common theme.  Many of these people have family, but don't want to ask for help.

Where is the common sense people!?!?!  We have such gross extremes in our country.  There are 38-year olds still living at home on mom and dad's dime.  There are grandparents raising their grandchildren, because the parents don't want to grow up.  And, now I'm learning there are people who don't want to worry their children, so they live in a tent.

Infuriating and sad all at once.  In many other countries there are cousins, aunts, and grandparents all living under the same, very small, roof.  It's normal.  There's a lot of family and not a lot of space.  Is it pride?  Shame? Guilt?  What keeps someone from standing on their own two feet when they absolutely can or asking for help when it's truly needed?

Wouldn't you WANT to know if your mom was living in a tent?  Of course, I'd be worried.  Of course, I'd want to do something about it.  Of course, I'd want to help and I'd make sacrifices if necessary to help.  Isn't that a good thing?  Isn't that what family is for?  

Please, lady.  Tell your son.  Let him help you.  You gave him a roof over his head when you could.  It's his turn.


1 comment:

  1. I hear ya', sista.

    I wish I knew what it was that prevents so many people from asking for help.

    I know I'D help my family members, and I hope they'd help me.

    Do you think it's possible these people don't want to trouble anyone because they themselves wouldn't want to be troubled by others?

    I dunno. Mystifying.

    By the way, I have your tent to return. Thanks for letting us borrow it. See, I really am NOT too proud to ask for help!