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Friday, April 24, 2009

West Baden and Water Park

Last week, the kids and I got to tag along on Brian's business trip to West Baden Spring Resort in French Lick, Indiana. This is the resort that Bill Cook (founder of Brian's workplace) poured millions and millions of dollars into restoring several years ago. It is amazing. Because it's still the off-season, we had run of their indoor pool and their lobby (which is bigger than my neighborhood.)

Sam was an old pro and Chase was fearless. He's ready to practice without his superman arms.

Ava was not so keen on the pool and was content to sit in the chair nibbling her muffin.

That afternoon we roamed the massive grounds and Sam caught absolutely fascinating shots like this:

We also hit an indoor water park recently opened there called Big Splash Adventure and again, we were just about the only people there that day. It was so much fun.  Sammie must've gone up the stairs and down the water slides 200 times. Chase was like Billy in the Family Circus one pool, over the slide, stand in the splashing water, into the swirly pool, climb on the dolphin, "Can I go down the BIIIIG slide, Mom?" Wore me out just following him around. The lazy river, however, was entirely too lazy for him.

Again, Ava was content in pretty much one spot and even made a new friend.

They played so hard they fell asleep in that very loud, echo-y place.  I got to read an ENTIRE USA Today.  Unheard of.

When Brian was done for the day, he met us there, so I could finally get on the giant slides. I felt like a kid again. This blue and yellow one pictured below is where you go into a tube at the roof of the building and spend some time swirling around in a giant bowl in the middle and the water washes you down the second half of the tubing. AWESOME!

Good times.  Good times.  


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  1. Wow, look at all the fun!! I have NEVER heard of this place, but might have to google and bookmark it.

    Looks like you wore 'em slap out!