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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ideas, Ideas, I Need Ideas!

My mother-in-law is begging for new posts, but I'm empty.  I'm blank.  Nothing's coming to me. No one wants to hear how I'm switching the kids summer and winter clothes or the mountain of laundry I conquered yesterday.  

So give me some ideas.  Anything you're curious about our family?  Grandaddy?  What color our bathroom walls are?  What can I tell you that I haven't already purged on my socky page? Come on...I'll write about almost anything.

If you have an idea you don't want to leave in the comment box for all to read, click on the little envelope picture and you can send me a private email.



  1. I got an idea from someone else and it worked for me. Go to your pictures, open the 6th file, count the 6th picture, then blog on that. Or pick a different number and do the same thing. I'm sure it will trigger an amazing story that you didn't even know was hiding inside of you! Hugs...