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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthdays, Cousins and Mr. Roboto

The First Week of Summer

Cousin AJ and "Baby" Marie came for their first summer visit.  I don't think they'll want to come back any time soon, but we're hoping they'll be ready again by next summer.  We loved having them!

Chase turned a whopping four years old and picked out an Iron Man cake to celebrate.  

This is the picture that makes Marie look so much like her pretty Momma.

Grandaddy gave Chase a Spiderman fishing pole.  Look how excited Sammie is about it!

GiGi got Chase a gift he's been talking about for over a year:  Better Batter Baseball.  His sisters got him the fancy helmet, which protects him from what I don't know, but it's still cool.

Marie tried everything, too!  Isn't she precious?

Here's some baby pool fun.  I really included it because it's the only evidence I have that Ava was actually here all week!  I guess most of the big fun happens when she's napping.  Sorry, baby.

Ava and Sam prepared two dozen eggs for scrambling one morning when Honor and Adam came to get the kids.  The pictures on the cabinet are still left over from our welcome home from Spain.  I finally took them down yesterday.

The boys got along so well and played and played.  

Sammie's new flying trick.  (Don't be scared Grandma, but Ava does it, too!)

Take a look, Scheurichs!  We finally got our own Crazy Daisy.

Fun in the sun is a great start to summer, but it's not summer to Chase until Mr. Roboto makes an appearance at VBX (our church's version of vacation Bible school.)  He talks about him year-round and looked forward to seeing him everyday. This is him waving at Mr. Roboto and Mario at the VBX closing program.  

We had so much fun all week, there was even a day when all five kiddos took a nap.  And, we even wore out the biggest kid of all.

More pools!  More swinging!  More cake!  More naps! More summer!!!!!  Bring it on....


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