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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Favorite Food Combos

So, if I don't write these down now, my own grandchildren will never believe me.  

Grandaddy was raised in the South and has some very strange food tastes, in my opinion.  Of course, he thinks all the salads and wraps and hummus we eat is strange. He loves fried foods, anything barbecued and a big batch of turnip greens to go along side them. Any one food can be written off as quirky or just someone's taste.  But the way he combines some foods -- I mean will NOT eat one without the other -- is well...I'll let you decide:

Oysters and ketchup.

Sardines and peanut butter.

Vinegar and white beans.

Tomato slice over peanut butter bread.

Or, onion slice over peanut butter bread.

But the latest craze is sour pickles (not dill, s-o-u-r pickles) and vanilla wafers.

The worst part is, he can't get the jar open by himself and every single time I open it, I have to use all the strength I have.  I'm gripping it like crazy and every single stinkin' time, I spill half the juice down my shirt, splashing on my arms and onto the floor.

Thank goodness he can get the sardines open on his own.



  1. why don't you put the pickles in a tupperware thingy?

  2. Tap the lid hard with a butter knife. It will help break the seal and not strain your biceps!

    Oysters and ketchup? He's from a little further south than me! (Or is it "farther"? If our grammar expert wasn't in Mexico, I'd double check!) ;-)

  3. Be glad that he didn't like the smoked oysters that Manley brought him!!! Think what your house would have smelled like!!! Karen

  4. I forgot to add smashed, boiled egg and potted meat. Go look it!

    Hon -- I mean when I first have to open the jar. Good idea, Jill!

  5. Ummm, this Southern girl would like to announce we don't eat stuff like that these days. Thank the Lord.


    Oh, and you need one of the Jar Openers from Pampered Chef. I use mine all the time!