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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's His Bedroom, Too!

My poor man has endured a floral bedspread for our entire married life.  Almost every time I've gone shopping, I looked to see if something else might work.  It was all made a little trickier because of the dark purple wall behind our bed and a really terrible floral fabric on an antique loveseat we have at the end of the bed.  I finally found the perfect thing at Kohl's last week.  Charcoal grey on one side and deep lavender on the other.

The set came with a bedskirt which we'll never use because we have a sleighbed.  So, I cut the skirt to pieces and made a window valance, tie backs and even an accent pillow. 

 They were asking $50 for this one.

And, I made this one with a twenty cent piece of felt and a broach from my Grandmother's jewelry box.

Everything was done with a straight stitch, so don't tell me you can't.  If I can, you can!

Happy Father's Day, honey.


1 comment:

  1. Fantabulous!!! You can work wonders with a needle and thread! We have the same issue at our house.