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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Dresses

Our sweet Sammie loves crafty stuff. When we were in Joann Fabrics a couple months ago, she saw this on display:

She asked if we could make matching dresses, "just for the girls." So, she chose the fabric for all of us and off we went.

We got up really early to meet my Mom for an event, so the girls still look like they're half asleep and since we were running late, it's not a great picture of the lengths, but you get the idea.  I actually am not great at crafting, so I didn't get the right amount of fabric for two of the black dresses, so I made Ava's into a summer shirt.  The word "hoochie-mama" came to mind, but I suppose you can get away with it when you're two.  

The girls look more alive here....

Click here if you want the directions.  Believe me, if I can, you can.  And, it's fun to do a project with the little ones.  They love to help!


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  1. I might be a bit biased, but I sure think this is a beautiful group of gals.