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Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning Success

I've written a few times about the WonderLab of Health, Science and Technology here in Bloomington. It's a part of a network of children's science museums nationwide. Here's the great news for a tight-wad like me...if you're a member of WonderLab, which we are, you get free access to the other science museums in the network (I don't think this includes the Indianapolis Children's museum, though...gotta check on that one). 

So, after Chase, Ava and I dropped off Sam and Kristin at the Derby Dinner Playhouse in Jeffersonville, IN this past Saturday, we went to the Louisville Science Center. I have some pictures to post (one of which is in Kristin's post from earlier today). For now, I'm including 
a part of a display in the creativity/invention/ingenuity section of the center...

How People Learn
In one year's time, it is estimated that people remember:
10% of what they hear,
15% of what they see,
20% of what they see and hear,
40% of what they discuss with others,
80% of what they directly experience and practice,
90% of what they attempt to teach another person.

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  1. I should be pert near brilliant by the time I finish schooling all the kids, eh?