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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Real Looker

When Mom and I were in Florida, we got stares and gawks and a few whistles.  Teenage boys were making bets and middle-aged men would point and just smile. I felt so young.

I pretended they were looking at me, but I knew the truth.  It WAS hot and spotless and fantastic. It just wasn't me!

It's true that this car made me feel young and hip (until I had to pull my mom out of the bucket seat.)  What I'm saying in this picture is, "Bring on the mid-life crisis!"

What's your mid-life crisis car?



  1. I've never seen you with big hair! I like it!

  2. A big wind blew up behind me. That's the ONLY way I could get my hair that big!

  3. One of the new Dodge Chargers. My minivan has to run for 5 more years because I'm getting a Charger for my 40th!!

  4. That is a good looking Mustang, but I have a feeling some of the whistles were for you.

  5. I have a feeling the whistles were actually the birds who took up residence in that HAIR. Oh my. Please do your hair that way for US. Please?