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Monday, July 14, 2008

Princess -- A Daughter of the King

One thing my mom and sister and I have in common is a love for theater.  Musical theater, in particular.  I remember listening to my LPs for hours in my little blue flowered bedroom -- Sound of Music and Oklahoma being two of my absolute favorites at the time.

I'm so glad that Samantha has shown an interest in music and theater and live entertainment. I think it sparks her imagination in ways almost nothing else can.  One of her favorite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast.  Her Grandma and Grandpa Scheurich, Brian's folks, gave her the Belle costume one year for Christmas.  Her "Gi Gi", that's my mom, stitched the sleeves so it didn't fall off when she dressed up as Belle for the "Fall Fiesta" party at our church when she was three.

So, when Mom got a chance to get tickets to the live production in our hometown, we jumped at the chance to go.  Sam was excited for weeks and was ready to go the minute I said, "Time to get dressed for the show."  She loved every second.  The characters came out after the show to meet anyone interested.  Boy, were her tired eyes interested!  She never said a word to the princess -- and that's pretty amazing if you know our Sammie.
She never took her big, blue eyes off the stage for almost three hours.  And, tried desperately to see EVERYthing even though there was so much going on on stage.  Here she is with Babbette, the feather duster.  It's hard to tell since she's not standing up.

She wanted a picture with all of them but Gaston, that dirty rat, but she had to settle for a few favorites, since there were about fifty characters. (A complete silver set, plus beer steins and candy canes and cream and sugar and broom and mop and....well, you get the idea.)  Here she is with "Eggbeater."
The Beast had finished a solo just before intermission and we were asking her if she liked it, what was her favorite, etc. We were pointing out things that were different from the movie we've watched a thousand times. Sammie observed that the Beast didn't sing.  She said, "They just don't know because they haven't seen movie."  HA!

I tell her often that while we can play dress up here on earth, that God actually sees us as His children -- and, since he's the King of kings, that makes us all royalty.  And, that makes her a princess for real -- forever.

"All glorious is the princess within her chamber; her gown is interwoven with gold. In embroidered garments, she is led to the king..." Psalm 45: 13-14


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