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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now THAT'S Tired!

Chase hardly ever takes naps anymore, so he snuck one in when we least expected it.



  1. Brian's Mom sent this via email...
    We saw the newest blog post and loved it! Isn't he cute? I thought of when Dad and Uncle Dick used to take you or Jason for a ride on the tractor when the plowed and you always fell asleep. Do you remember the bed out of foam that Uncle Dick made in the combine so if you got tired you could rest? Love, Mom/Grandma S.

  2. Simply priceless! I love it :) And if I do say so, that looks like a great way to mow a lawn! If I could get it done while napping I would!
    Hugs, Kel :)

  3. Brian..I see you have carried on the tradition. Gravely...remember when we used to race them around the circle?? Jim