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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Costumes, Closets & Clutter

I thought we had so much storage when we first built this house.  Well, we do have lots of storage, but I guess we have more stuff than storage!  I know we're not alone here.

So, while Brian was out of the country last week, I did some sorting, tossing, organizing and in general, de-cluttering.  I love these bins I found at Bed Bath & Beyond.  They come in three sizes and several colors.  They fit under the beds, on shelves and even under our train table.  I love that each set of toys has its own place and you can see what's in there.  Clutter off the floor, but you know right where to find it.
I've been searching for a great way to keep Sammie's artwork.  She wants to keep every piece. (Don't we all?)  So, I found this cork in a roll.  It's actually shelf liner (from Lowe's).  It's thin, perfectly sized for behind the door and had adhesive already on it.  I unrolled it, peeled the backing and there you have it!  Artwork out of the kitchen (and entry and living room and bathroom and closets) and on display! I took this picture before I moved everything.

So, my girl, Sammie has been into dressing up since a friend passed on a little ballerina costume when she was 18-months old.  Now we have over 40 costumes. Yes, I said 40.  Plus an equal (or greater) number of coordinating accessories -- shoes, scarves, tiaras, a couple of darlin' wigs even.  Is that fun or what!?!?! We love it.  However, the adorable place I had them stored was not working out.  Everything just ended up in the bottom of this antique wardrobe. So, you know that closet everyone has under their stairs?  The one that's too narrow to put shelves in?  Well, we got some hooks, some hanging shelves and an over-the-door accessory organizer.  Check it out!
We hung robe hooks on both sides of the closet, still leaving room for the same toys in the middle.

This wardrobe has a built-in bar at the top from which we hung two collapsable shelves (to keep wigs and hats straight) and we also hung a tension rod a little lower to hang another row of shorter costumes.  Doors can be closed on the wardrobe and closet which is a major plus!  And what's a dream of a costume corner without a mirror?  We hung it on the back of the closet door.  This mirror came with over-the-door hangers, so we can move it, if we ever want or need to.
It's one thing to know your spidey arms are huge, but another to take in the whole image for yourself!



  1. it looks great! We're still unpacking from our move last september and i'm not sure where it will all go! The under the bed organizers are fantastic!

  2. I am very impressed!!! Please come do my house next!! I have always said that we need to be on one of those HGTV (or TLC) shows where they empty your house and make you reorganize everything!

    Hugs, Jill