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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fresh From the Garden

Mom and I took the kids to an Amish community outside my hometown in Kentucky Saturday morning. They have their just-picked produce on their front porches for sale.  I would love to have taken pictures, but they don't really like that.  (The photos you see are used by grace, since I didn't ask permission.) You'll just have to imagine the three barns, the outhouse, tack house, "parking bar" for the horses, men and boys in straw hats and all children under three in dresses, over twenty horses, more chickens and ducks than I could count (without losing track of my own.) 

At one point I had to go after Ava because she'd been stalking a duck so long its feathers were standing up on its neck. While Sammie and Ava looked at the baby ducks in the pen, Chase helped me choose a dozen yellow onions (from the pile of about a hundred) that were drying under a tree.

I loved seeing their laundry hanging out to dry. I quickly realized that as much as I admire their simple way of life, I'm so glad I don't have to do "one sock at a time," by hand.

Anyway, here's what we had for supper last night, all from their farm:

Green Beans (one slice of bacon and a tsp of salt per 2 quarts)
Grilled yellow squash (doused in olive oil and salt)
Sliced yellow heirloom tomatoes
Sliced cucumbers

And the best for last: blackberry cobbler.  

Yumm! Yuummm!


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