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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Give Up

I can't think of anything good to write, so I'm going with the 25 Random Things that's sweeping the Internet. (I'll be more surprised than anyone if I actually come up with 25.)
  1. I don't like to talk on the phone much anymore, though I could talk for hours at a time in college to my dorm mates down the hall.
  2. I was born on leap day, so I'm really only whatever 36 divided by 4 is.
  3. I'm not good at math.
  4. I plan on teaching all my children calculus.
  5. My first kiss was with a neighborhood boy named Brian.  How about that?
  6. I didn't kiss MY Brian until after we were engaged. How about THAT?
  7. I love any song that tells a great story -- which is why I lean toward country and broadway.
  8. I'd choose a third helping of meat and potatoes over dessert any day of the week.
  9. Unless dessert is homemade chocolate meringue pie.  
  10. I drank coffee all through each of my pregnancies and subsequent nursings.  
  11. My children have VERY short attention spans.  (Not really.)
  12. I wish I had a pool in the backyard with a built-in life guard.
  13. If it's not Coca-Cola Classic, then it's just not worth the carbonation at all.
  14. I have VERY weird neighbors.  (You know who you are.)
  15. I was the press secretary for the former Mayor of Bloomington. 
  16. All my best friends are exactly like my husband in their quirks and personalities.  It's very weird.
  17. I used to love deer.  
  18. I'd never been to the hospital or doctor with anything more sever than an ear infection, until I went into labor with Sam.  (There's really no good preparation, is there?)
  19. I thought Sam's labor was hard until I had Chase.
  20. I was scared to death the entire 9 months carrying Ava.
  21. I wouldn't trade them for anything on the planet.  (Well, most days, anyway.)  
  22. I love having company.
  23. I love to cook for people who love my cooking. 
  24. My children are primarily vegetarians.
  25. I can eat you under the table in BBQ ribs and hot wings. 
I'm supposed to "tag" 25 people to make their own list, but I don't know 25 people, so if you read this consider yourself tagged!


1 comment:

  1. We're all like Brian b/c we are the GOOD guys! You must really like those quirks about us. :)

    I know exactly which neighbors you're talking about. You're right. THEY are so weird.