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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Apple Works

We picked the coldest day so far to take the kids from co-op to The Apple Works. 
We took a tractor ride into the orchard of 7,000 trees and we each got to pick an apple.  There were farm animals, a pond, picnic area, an electric train, a playground built into a barn and a mound of hay to play on.   

The kids learned about pollination and toured the cider press and apple washer. See how interested Ava was?  (For about five seconds.)  Then she decided to check out "dat square cwoe."

Everyone got to try their apple cider and have an applesauce cookie.  They didn't seem to mind taking off their gloves for that!

And, even though I'm not a germophobe like some people I know, I do NOT like porta-potties, so we used our own!  

Next year, we'll go on a warmer day.  Want to come with us?



  1. Just give us a call and Grandpa and I will be down in a heart beat!Grandma and Grandpa Scheurich

  2. Looks like a great place to take kids. Except for the cold. We southern girls aren't really bred to handle all that cold though.

    Love the personal portable potty.