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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat '08 -- Final Cut

Well, the face paint was a hit. I only did half mask this time for Spiderman, so he could eat without messing it up. And, the Ariel wig has been retired. Even though I think the spray was the exact same color as the wig, this seemed to suit her better.

Grandaddy dressed up as a "Bar Room Brawler", though you can't see the black eye so well in this pic. He loved handing treats out to the kids!

Mom and Dad got a little lazy and pulled out the tractor and wagon.  It was helpful after Ava got a few treats, all she wanted to do was ride in the wagon and eat, eat, eat!  I didn't think to get pics of our whole group...the Newland girls were in our party.  You can see a pirate getting out of the wagon here. Maybe Cindy will show you how creative her girls were!

You know how celebrities have "after parties" when their movies premiere? Well, here are a couple of shots of our after party!

Even Spiderman relaxes after a hard night...


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  1. I think Miss Ava Kathryn is looking more and more like Grandaddy!!!!! I love all the pictures and stories Grandma Scheurich