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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Deposits With Compound Interest

For the first time in six years, there's no crib in the house.
I took it down yesterday. We had two for a while.  We took the second one down about a year ago, when Chase moved to his big boy bed. 

No more diapers, either. I put the changing pad we've always used in the tippy top of the closet. The sweet little, handcrafted diaper stacker my folks used when I was a baby went into the storage room downstairs. Even the "learn to walk" toys have been relegated to the attic.

Sound a little sad, don't I.  I guess I am a little.  I enjoyed the baby part of motherhood way more than I thought I would.  Of course, I'm not talking about the middle of the night feedings or the ten gazillion diapers or the crying for no apparent reason for hours.  (That was me, not the babies.)

Ever heard of an emotional love bank?

I'm talking about the hundred smiles a day that only I was privy to. (Ching, ching.) I'm talking about being there for the firsts of EVERYthing for each of my kids.  Crawling, walking, talking, praying. (Clink, ching.) I'm talking about being the only one who could soothe their hurts and make them feel safe.  (Clink, clink.) I'm talking about the nights Brian and I would sneak in and watch them sleep. (Ching again -- just for sleeping!) I'm talking about the emotional investment, not only that I made in them, but that each made in me. Snuggles, cuddles, playtime, rocking. All those things go a long way to fill the Mommy Love Bank. (I hear they withdraw a LOT in their teen years.) 

No diapers or crib.  No changing pad or bumper pad.  No bottles or pumpkin seats.  *Sigh.*

When I tucked Ava into her toddler bed tonight with her big girl panties on and no sippy cup for comfort, I headed to my usual place of respite....the bathroom.  In just a minute or two, I heard her sneak around the corner.   With her big brown eyes looking up and me and nodding the whole time, she asked, "Rock a minute?"  


Maybe the coins just keep getting bigger?



  1. she's already sleeping with no diaper?! i am so jealous!

  2. Awww. What a sweet post. And a great picture of Ava!

    I can't wait to see you in 4 days!!!

    BTW, I'm bettin' all those baby things come out again at some point, so don't get rid of anything!

  3. All these wonderful things happen again,when you have grandchildren.Maybe you won't see the first step or first word but hearing about them as a grandparent is wonderful. AND as you sit and rock that new little baby-you look at that baby and remember another little baby from years ago and you will remember it all!!! Grandma Scheurich
    p.s. I'm like Tracy don't throw those baby things away I think they might be needed again!!!

  4. I'm reading this after my midnight conference call with Cook Australia from my hotel room in Manhattan. The entry made me feel at home for a minute. There are all sorts of things to comment on here -- Honor's comments (that's what she pulled out of her baby sister's heartfelt post?!?!), Tracy's (Are you talking about the China babies or something else?) and Mom (Grandchildren seem so far away!) ... and that's before I even get to K's entry. Can't believe how old Ava looks. Also can't believe how much she looks like her beautiful Mom in this picture. By the way, I can't imagine not having more little ones around at this point. Time will tell. Brian

  5. I'm right there with you. Well, not quite (we've still got a crib and diapers and crying for no reason). But I know that each one of these moments of firsts will be my last, and it's a bitter-sweet thought. Sigh.