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Friday, September 4, 2009

Chase's First Football Game

The company I work for, Cook Medical, was kind enough to give employees two tickets to the first Indiana University football game, which was last night. And, Julie Schaefer, a Product Manager at Cook and my office neighbor, was kind of enough to give me her two tickets since she lives in Indianapolis. As a result, I was set to take Chase to his first game and ask my friend, Jeff Barnhill, and his son, Colin, to join us.

There was a problem, though. The game was at 8p.m., and I had an important conference call with some colleagues from our Asia-Pacific region at 730. Fortunately, Jeff said that's he'd drive. So, I was able to start my call while we were en route to the stadium, and was able to finish it as we walked through tailgate-party pandemonium. 

Talk about stressful... straining to listen to, understand and talk to Asians and Australians on a cell phone while trying to keep track of an excited four year old as we were walking through a sea of people.

When we got to the stadium fireworks started to not only kick off the season, but also introduce the amazing new North End Zone Facility at Memorial Stadium. You can see the new facility in the first picture below.

It was a great experience overall. The highlights for Chase included waiving one of the Barnhill's I.U. towels (until he started hitting a few folks around us), eating a hot dog and drinking a Sprite, talking to some young ladies I work with at Cook and running with a football on the mini-football field behind the South end zone. 

Wish I could say that the Hoosiers' performance was great as the rest of the experience. I guess all is well that ends well, though, as they were able to do just enough to pull out the victory against Eastern Kentucky. I think it's going to be another long year for our long-suffering program.

Looking forward to going to more games with Chaser...

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  1. Oh, my handsome boys! The milestones overwhelm me sometimes. I adore you both. K