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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bradenton Beach '09

School is well underway, so I've been reminiscing about our trip to Florida in June. Come back with me a minute.

This was the first time Chase had full-on access to a big pool and he found some courage with his water wings and hasn't looked back.

The first day it rained, we found the science center down town. This is a laser harp. If only the real things were that easy to play.

They had some kind of frog there that grew as big as a man's hand. It apparently just sits in the forest waiting for insects and crawly things to go by, but since it's in captivity they have to feed it. (YUCK!) The kids were enthralled.

Don't tell Ava she's too little for anything. She's moving a bowling ball with some kind of gear thing. (I'm the non-technical one standing by.)  Brian would want me to clarify that the bald guy near us is NOT him.

The second day it rained, we let the kids play outside our condo and pretend it was the beach.

The third day it rained...

It day rain a fourth day and we (er...uh...Brian) found the dollar theater. It was Ava's first theater experience and we saw "Monsters Vs. Aliens." good pic of that. At least where we don't all look like aliens ourselves.

The "big" kids helping Ava jump the waves.

I'd forgotten how long Sam's hair was. It's super short and super cute now.

I only include this to see if anyone else thinks it's funny that Sam is giving herself rabbit ears.

Dad started the burying with me, which I think he enjoyed immensely, then we went on to Sam.

I think she liked it.

Even little Ava braved the itchy adventure.

Five minutes after we left the beach...

I used to say I loved the beach and I thought I did. Put my family in the sand with me and it surpasses every other beach moment. Ever. *Sigh.*


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