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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marshing Mellows by the Fire

We've had a fire pit in our woods for a few years to burn brush. Last Autumn, after clearing and burning brush, we'd typically make s'mores or just sit by the fire and talk. 

Our fireside fun is up a notch this year with the addition of a fire pit closer to the house and five or six fireside meals so far. I'm not even sure if it's technically Autumn yet! Because the pit is closer to the house (don't worry, Mom, it's not that close to the house), Grandaddy is able to join us now and shuttling food and drinks isn't nearly as troublesome.

We've had a great time with each and every fire. I especially like that this time feels like an escape of sorts and clean-up is a breeze. It doesn't hurt that we're typically joined by neighborhood kids or visiting family members or that the kiddos almost alway something or 
do something that's hilarious. For instance, last Sunday Ava asked me, "Dad, are we marshing mellows now?"

Anyone else have fond fireside memories?

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  1. Ah. So many campfire memories. I remember camping on a canoe trip and our shoes got wet, so we stuck our feet close to the fire to warm and dry them.
    Thanks to thick soles, we smelled the awful burnt rubber before our feet actually caught on fire.
    Oh, and I love wrapping meat and veggies in foil and burying them in the coals. We're coming over soon.
    And I'm inspired to invest a little more in our own fire pit. Yours looks great!

  2. Most of my fireside memories involve summer camp and Kumbaya....seriously. And I love me some marshed mallows!