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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When In Rome, Do As You Normally Do

I wrote several months ago about the minor differences in Brian's eating habits from mine.

It's been more than a little funny to me here.  Brian had pizza the first night we were here and has ordered two hamburgers at least. One of the natives took us to a tapas restaurant called Txapela one night. 

Our paper placemat had pictures of each of the 50 appetizer-sized choices.  But a separate menu in six languages explained each choice.

Here's what Brian ordered:

Xistorra de Navarra
Xoric confitat a la sidra
Brie fos
Bunoi de bacalla amb allioli suau
Hamburguesa amb formatge i mostassa

Doesn't that sound exotic?  When it came it was the equivalent of  two different kids of hot dogs, grilled cheese, fried fish and a hamburger.

I love it!


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  1. In my defense, the hamburgers I ordered weren't just any hamburgers. They were works of at a 5-star restaurant and another at a beachfront restaurant facing the Mediterranean. The average price was somewhere between $15 to $20!