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Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Let the Monkeys Out

This is Sammie taking her final Sing, Spell, Read & Write test! I'll let you guess her score.

I can hardly believe it. Sammie is finished with Kindergarten. She had her art show last week and took her final test this week.  We were supposed to have three days left, but she begged to do it all in one day.  She worked really hard and here we are! 

Grandaddy treated us to a celebration at Dairy Queen. (He'll snag any excuse to get ice cream.) We captured a few of the moments, though we wish you could've joined us in person.

So many choices, it was hard for this crew to decide!

Like another red-headed friend of mine, little Ava loves her some DQ!

Sammie was making this face because I "hugged her too tight!"  I'm so proud of her!

Turns out, it was a little chilly for ice cream.  You probably can't tell Chase is shivering, which doesn't seem to hinder the eating part at all.

This is me sucking up to our Principal.  His diplomas are conditional!



  1. Congrats, Teach.
    Enjoy your summer break as you gear up for 1st grade.
    So proud of your whole school!

  2. Umm.... I think the person who showed you SSRW should get a little credit and be invited to DQ with you.