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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not So Gender-Neutral Anymore

When Baby Ava came along, she and still-a-Baby Chase shared the gender-neutral nursery. Ladybugs and dragonflies in soft blues, reds and greens.  (It was the same theme Samantha had since we didn't want to find out her gender before she was born.) Just before Chase turned 2, we bought a bunk bed so that he and Samantha could share another gender-neutral room.

A few Wall Pops helped to link pink and blue together on a yellow background. (Though I heard a guy in a movie a couple weeks ago say, "Why does everyone say yellow is gender-neutral? Ask any guy in America and none of them will tell you they would pick yellow paint for a room.") Wall Pops are repositionable circle and square stickers.  We got blue dots and pink squares matching their blue and pink comforters.

What really pulled them together were these precious canvases made by some crafty friends of mine.  I thought the sentiments were so sweet and I do hope they will adore each other for life, like my sister and I do.  (Well, I adore'd have to ask her if it's mutual.)

Anyway, we went through another transition a month or so ago that, hopefully, will last a while.   Now the girls share a girly room and Chase is all by himself in the bluest room!

Here's a bad corner shot of the way the bunk room was:

A few different colored dots and squares and relocation of the canvases and voila!  Just for the girls...

The comforters are reversible from orange to pink, so each can switch whenever they want.

Chase's Big Boy Room...
(Click here for the before shot)

I found some blue and white striped fabric on clearance at Jo Ann's and a couple of straight stitches later, said goodbye to the ladybugs and dragonflies.  So manly, isn't it? 

They love their new rooms and they look so big in them!  At least until they fall asleep.  Then, their baby faces come out of hiding.  One of my favorite times of the day.



  1. You know I love the pink and orange together! You did a GREAT job!