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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honor Got the Baking Genes

Honor, that's my sister. She got the cool name. Anyway, I just want to show you how fantastically creative she is! This is just a side thing she does....just for fun. No one taught her. No classes. Just a vivid imagination and a genuine gift!  

To my knowledge, this is the only cake she did for a fee. A friend was hosting a baby shower for a mom of twins and this is what she requested.  (I didn't want to say anything about how these babies could pass for Arnold's with those big, round heads.)

Several she's done for friends in her Sunday school class.  This guy was a drummer.  

Her husband, Adam, worked at DHL for a long time and this was for an employee's birthday.

The sweet cake above would be great for Valentine's, wouldn't it?  And the one below doesn't have enough ketchup on it for me, but looks good enough to eat, doncha think?

I wish the photos did more justice...the above is a waterfall with animals all around.  How precious!

This is one of my favorites. Christmas mice who've found their Christmas cheese.  I'm thinking of ordering one for a cheesy neighbor of mine.

She asked her son what he wanted a few weeks ago for his 6th birthday.  Kung Fu Panda?  Sure!

Cars the year before and Care Bears for sweet Marie who turned four a few weeks ago.  The balloons are actually decorated sugar cookies.

Hey, Sis.  My birthday's coming up, you know.



  1. She is amazingly talented! Does she ever watch the Ace of Cakes? That's who she reminds me of!

  2. Oh my Goodness!!!! Amazing! My mom used to make cakes. It was so fun to look through magazines and pick out what I wanted. People even ordered cakes from her. I got NONE of those genes.

    Honor, oh Honor!!! I'd be happy to help Kristin eat her bday cake!!! :)

  3. Those are awesome cakes!! I want to take a cake decorating class one day.

  4. I've actually gotten paid for a few of them. :) What would you like for your birthday?