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Monday, April 26, 2010

Repeat After Me

We take turns praying at dinner and tonight it was Chase's turn. He was resistant this evening for some reason, though, so I said, "Ok, Chase. Just repeat after me." I began with, "Heavenly Father." He repeated "Heavenly Father." I couldn't hear him very well, so I said, "Loud." Then, Chase, thinking I was praying the next line, in all seriousness, said "Loud."

I know you had to be there, but since we all laughed so hard I thought it was worth going into the family log. Kids are awesome.

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  1. Wish we could have been there!!! Grandma & Grandpa Scheurich

  2. Anytime all five of us stop to laugh for that long, it's worth writing out. He was so sincere too!