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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life Lessons from Popeye....really.

After five years of princesses, fairies and mermaids, my son (almost 3) has finally come into his own.  He does NOT like Sesame Street or Strawberry Shortcake.  He likes Spiderman and Popeye.  Yes, Popeye.  We found a fairly new Popeye movie (no smoking OR punching -- -that's how new) at the library several months ago and he's loved it and asked for it ever since.
On our hot date Friday night, Brian and I scoured (without interruption -- that's why we get to call it a "date") the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.  It really was quite romantic...I'd look at him and sigh holding up The Notebook as a possibility.  He'd grunt to himself and hold up movies like Saw III or Thin Red Line.  Reminded me of our blissful dating years (really it was more like weeks).

ANYWAY, we found something called "150 Animated Classics".  It has Betty Boop, Woody
 Woodpecker, tons of others, but to the point, 50....count 'em, FIFTY... Popeye cartoons. 

So, this past Saturday morning, Daddy fixed one-eyed pete's for everyone (I'll write about that another time) and we piled in Grandaddy's room (I'll DEFINITELY write about him many more times) to watch cartoons.  At 94, I've never seen anyone enjoy a good Tom and Jerry caper like he does.

I only got through about ten before all the chores called out to me, but here are some things I learned from Popeye, The Sailor Man:

1)  He's a man of few words, but lots of laughs (begin imitation now).
2) He protects Olive Oil unabashedly (though she always seems to be looking the other way).
3) He's a man with great patience. (He puts up with a lot from Bluto, before he lets him have it!)
4) He's a man who knows how to set boundaries.  (Though how many times must Bluto be shot with a cannon ball through the guts to learn to back off, for heavens sake!)
5) He always reaches for the Spinach before a really big fight.

So, I have two questions for you:  have you ever learned anything from a cartoon?  And, where do you get your spinach?

*apologies to any experienced bloggers: I haven't figured out all the formatting yet.

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