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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bathtime shattered!

I usually reserve showers for when my youngest is asleep.  At 19-months old, she can get into way too much stuff to be left roaming about for five minutes, not to mention the 20 minute showers I loooove.  So, I had planned all day to take a shower during afternoon nap.  However, today we had a sweet friend over playing with the kids and I didn't think it appropriate to shower with non-family members around.  

Of course, Ava woke up before our friend left, so there I was...stuck between way-too-long-since-last-shower and Wednesday night church just an hour or so away!  I had only one option...we both got "neked" and took a bath together.  

I was in the middle of letting her play with the suds in my hair and Sammie runs in to say, "MOOOOOMM, GLASS BROKE!"  She says that Grandaddy "broke glass" in the kitchen and I needed to come right away.  (Nevermind how I got to the kitchen fully clothed, yet soaking wet, in record time.)

Not only is this a typical story about life in our house, this is the first story of Grandaddy on my blog....(I take care of his socks, too!)  

When my sister and I visited my grandparents in Blytheville, Arkansas growing up, Grandmother and Grandaddy would share a 7 oz "pony" beer with a pizza.  THAT was the extent of their imbibing.

Not until Grandmother died and he came to live with us did I learn that Grandaddy used to be a heavy, heavy drinker.  He worked hard.  Construction work.  Traveling construction work. Working a "dragline" -- which looks to me like a crane, but I guess there's a distinction somewhere.

Over these last three years, he's told a few stories. He told me that when he got married and my mother was born, they lived in a trailer.  (They lived in a trailer their entire lives actually.)  He said one night he came home drunk and passed out right inside the front door.  Grandmother left him there.  Didn't clean him up, help him up or get him in bed.  She said the next morning he ought to be ashamed of himself letting his baby girl see him act that way.  And, he was.  And, he never drank again.

UNTIL he came to live with us.  

He doesn't drink to excess, for sure.  But even if he did, he doesn't drive and I don't do well telling a 94-year old man what to do!   So, while I was bathing today, he got down his little Arkansas Razorbacks shot glass and accidentally dropped it on the floor.  THAT'S what interrupted my soothing, long-awaited bath.

I really do love my life.

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