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Friday, January 8, 2010

Siblings to the Rescue

With about six inches of snow on the ground and more falling, the kids have loved bundling up to play.

Today, they pulled their three-man sled across the street to play in the neighbors' hilly yard.  I got all suited up after about 30 minutes and was headed out the garage door to play with them when I realized they were back on our front walk yelling that Ava got hurt.

Apparently, she tripped and one boot and sock came off.  Her big brother and sister put her on the sled with her bare little foot and pulled her back across the street, so she wouldn't have to walk and get hurt worse.

Once I realized she was fine and the kids told the story, my heart was full to overflowing.  So precious!


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  1. Nothing warms a mommy's heart like seeing her babies protect each other. And, by the way, we are soooo jealous of your snow!