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Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Never "Just" a Meal

With Brian in Singapore all week, I had a sweet friend offer to bring us a meal.  It turned out to be a blessing beyond what I would've thought to ask for and I'm sure beyond what she thought she was offering.  Here's part of the thank you note:

"There's no way that saying "thank you" is enough.  I know about meal's a gift, a blessing.  Sometimes it's easy to double the batch.  Sometimes it's a real stretch to get it together for your family AND someone else's.  Sometimes you can't tell if it's filled a real need or if it's simply taken as a kind gesture.

Tonight, when I would've been preparing a meal for five, I was able to fix my Grandad and me something to drink and sit with him for a while.  We started watching Bonanza and during the first commercial break he said, 'Well, I'm glad you've got a spare few minutes and I'm glad you've decided to spend them with me.' The kids came in and the five of us curled up in his room to watch the guys with the white hats win again.  When we got up to go to the kitchen for your yummy chili he reached out and took my hand.  He smiled real big and shook his head...sometimes when he gets emotional he can't get the words out.  He said, ' I don't get lonely often, but I do sometimes and I'm glad you've been here this evenin'.'"

So, thank you.  For thinking of us, for the chili and for letting me have a few unexpected and special minutes with my Grandad."

You'll never know what a blessing you give when you offer to serve someone else.  Thanks to my friend for the reminder.