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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat '09

How many Dads would dress three kiddos in costume, take them to a neighborhood hot dog roast and escort them on a trick-or-treating hayride without the momma around?  Not many! But that's what my man did this past weekend while I was away.  I think it helped that none required fancy make up like last year.

Toothless, Blonde Flamenco Dancer (there's one on every street)

Pirate (complete with hot cocoa stains on the shirt)

Ladybug (wasn't it just yesterday that Sammie wore this in the Oxford Halloween parade?)

Neighborhood Hayride (Thanks Feagans!)

Grandaddy, dressed as himself, stayed back and passed out the candy at our house.

The kids came back with so much candy for our little street.  They each got to pick five of their favorites and the rest is going to the homeless shelter.  We figure they like to have treats, too!



  1. Kristin did pick and set out their outfits...making my job much easier.